hybrid mobile app

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hybrid mobile app

A smartphone or tablet application that is developed for multiple platforms simultaneously and is updated more easily. In a hybrid mobile app, the source code is the same, and any changes to the source generates new apps for all the targeted platforms.

In contrast, when mobile apps are written in two or more native programming languages to support different platforms, such as iOS and Android, even the most minor changes must be made separately in each set of source code. Native programming requires extensive training, because each platform's inherent architecture, syntax and development tools are very different and barely resemble each other (see IDE).

HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
A hybrid app is programmed in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the coding foundation of a modern Web page. The JavaScript language substitutes for Objective-C and Swift in the iOS world and for Java in the Android camp, and JavaScript code interacts directly with the platform's native programming interfaces (APIs).

Better or Worse?
It all depends. The more the mobile app functions like a website, the more efficient the hybrid approach. Apps that require intricate rendering, especially video games, demand more complex programming. In such cases, writing the applications separately in each platform's native language is often the only solution for performance and smooth operation. See Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, HTML5, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, Objective-C, Swift, Java, API and hybrid app.
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