mobile photography

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mobile photography

Taking pictures with a mobile phone. The camera technology on smartphones is more than adequate for taking photos and publishing them online. Depending on the camera quality and number of pixels, photos can be printed 8x10" and higher with excellent results. The significant difference today is that everyone with a smartphone has a camera handy.

The following table shows the minimum number of megapixels (MPs) required for quality printing. Megapixels are only a base requirement; however, the quality of the camera's optics and digital processing varies from model to model. See megapixel and digital camera.

    Maximum Size of    High-Quality MPs   Printed Image

     2       3x5"

     4       5x7"

     6       8x10"

     8      11x14"

    10      13x17"
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Over the last few years, mobile photography has really taken off," the GhostBird Team said in a blog post confirming the takeover.
N70 are the second series of Nokia offering multimedia function and supporting 3G services and mobile photography features, personal and entertainment productivity.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- At last week's Mobile Photo Connect, the premier conference for executives and entrepreneurs in the mobile photography ecosystem, a panel of high-powered industry players presented the inaugural Mobile Photo Connect Awards to six developers, after reviewing demos of 30 products in the event's three show-and-tell sessions.
Techxar is a leading provider of illumination technologies for the rapidly growing mobile photography market.
uae, to promote mobile photography and showcase talents whether they are emerging, enthusiasts or professionals.
This includes ensuring implementation of a decision banning mobile photography in female-only venues.
9m funding will strengthen our position as a market leader in on-demand mobile photography," said Petri Rahja, CEO and Founder of Scoopshot.
Nokia has also said the first 1000 visitors of the event to buy the Nokia Lumia 1020 will receive a mobile photography kit compised of a camera grip, mobile imaging tripod and a flip cover.
With mobile photography on the rise and more than 130 per cent of mobile penetration in Bahrain, this photography competition provides an ideal platform to target both local Bahrainis and expatriates living on the island and at the same time creates more awareness of the Bahrain World Trade Center, a testament of sustainable architecture.
Of course Daniel would say Nokia's Lumia 920 is the best for mobile photography.
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