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Fixed telephony customers use 195 minutes a month and mobile telephony customers 105 minutes a month on average.
The company said that the solution allows operators to offer their customers total control of their mobile telephony services and gives them direct access to their call records, text messages and voicemails through any web browser.
The mobile telephony, which constitutes 58 percent of the total income in the telecommunication business, still generates the biggest profit.
The Norwegian regional utility Agder Energi said on Monday (27 March) that it has entered into an agreement to establish a joint mobile telephony company with private equity firm TeleVenture Management AS.
An overview of the telecommunications market Mobile telephony Fixed-line telephony Data transmission and internet services provision
Finnish-Swedish telecomms operator TeliaSonera AB said on Tuesday (3 May) that it would start tests in Denmark with a new concept where mobile telephony is integrated with IP telephony at home.
Millicom was a minor partner of a Guatemalan investment group in charge of Comcel, for years a monopoly in the mobile telephony industry.
com/research/fa9f3b/multimedia_and_mob) has announced the addition of the "Multimedia and Mobile Telephony Store Chains in Greece 2008" report to their offering.
Contract notice: Fixed and mobile telephony on the basis of a hosted solution.
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Developed by Microsoft and adapted specifically to Deutsche Telekom's mobile telephony subsidiary T-Mobile's GPRS network, this platform should permit professionals to access their businesses' computer network from a mobile terminal - computer, mobile phone or pocket organiser.

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