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Selected numerical results are presented to indicate the influence of the values of nonlocal parameter, Winkler modulus parameter, Pasternak modulus parameter, mode number, aspect ratio, and the type of nonlocal plate theory, in detail.
As the resonance mode number (m) is zero, the CRLH TL supports zero propagation constant.
The statement further said that the quantum and mode number of tranches price or prices discount or premium reservations to employees customers existing shareholders will be decided by the board at a later date.
Also, the mode number 11 was a torsion mode but the center of rotation was in center of watermelon and perpendicular to length direction.
However, the orbital angular momentum density is more sensitive to the angular mode number than to the radial mode number.
244, for both the LTE and HSPA+ version of the Xperia ZR bearing mode number C5503 and C5502 respectively.
g] is the guided wavelength, r the radius of the ring resonator, n the mode number, [f.
In Equations (20) and (21), the sum is performed over all modes (0 [less than or equal to] n [less than or equal to] [infinity]), but in the numerical implementation, each summation needs to be reduced from [infinity] to a maximum mode number [N.
This characteristic may be contrasted with that of a circular cylindrical hollow waveguide for which the azimuthal mode number m [member of] [N.
GSm] are the number of photons emitted from exited and ground state at the mode number m, respectively, and [S.