mode of vibration

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Mode of vibration

A characteristic manner in which vibration occurs. In a freely vibrating system, oscillation is restricted to certain characteristic frequencies; these motions are called normal modes of vibration.

An ideal string, for example, can vibrate as a whole with a characteristic frequency, where L is the length of string between rigid supports, T the tension, and m the mass per unit length of the string. The displacements of different parts of the string are governed by a characteristic shape function. The frequency of the second mode of vibration is twice that of the first mode. Similarly, modes of higher order have frequencies that are integral multiples of the fundamental frequency.

Because the frequencies are in the ratios 1:2:3…, the modes of vibration of an ideal string are properly called harmonics. Not all vibrating bodies have harmonic modes of vibration, however. See Harmonic (periodic phenomena), Vibration

mode of vibration

[′mōd əv vī′brā·shən]
A characteristic manner in which a system which does not dissipate energy and whose motions are restricted by boundary conditions can oscillate, having a characteristic pattern of motion and one of a discrete set of frequencies. Also known as mode of oscillation.
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Sharma et al [3], simulate the boring bar as a cantilever Euler-Bernoulli beam considering its first mode of vibration.
The models allowing the simulation of this cutting procedure should contain that mode of vibration too.
As it vibrates, the glass rim repeatedly changes its shape from a circle to an ellipse, displaying a mode of vibration similar to that of a large church bell.
j] of the plate in compressible fluid (underlined values in Tables 1, 2), the mode of vibration can be assumed equal to the eigenvector--the j-th column in the matrix [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
If the claim is accepted, it would mark the discovery of a mode of vibration that the sun should have and that observers have sought for a long time.