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6 mm) of the TM01 circular to TE10 rectangular mode transformer is as short as 2.
Cepero, "On octave bandwidth properties of octagonal-shaped waveguide mode transformers," IEEE Tran.
Through the use of QPI's patented mode transformer technology, the laser diode achieves a nearly circular beam with low divergence for optimal chip to fiber coupling efficiency.
Among the product's many unique features are a ridge waveguide laser design combined with an integrated mode transformer, which provide nearly circular output beam characteristics.
Single-mode optical fiber components that arise from tapering the optical fibers are used in couplers, wavelength filters, coaxial couplers and mode transformers.
PHPD technology, which is realized by thin film printing on high Q ceramics, can be applied for many components including filters, diplexers, baluns, couplers, impedance transformers, phase transformers, power combiners and dividers, directional power monitors, and mode transformers.