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see anthropologyanthropology,
classification and analysis of humans and their society, descriptively, culturally, historically, and physically. Its unique contribution to studying the bonds of human social relations has been the distinctive concept of culture.
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; human evolutionhuman evolution,
theory of the origins of the human species, Homo sapiens. Modern understanding of human origins is derived largely from the findings of paleontology, anthropology, and genetics, and involves the process of natural selection (see Darwinism).
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; racerace,
one of the group of populations regarded as constituting humanity. The differences that have historically determined the classification into races are predominantly physical aspects of appearance that are generally hereditary.
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In the original thesis, it was proposed, based on fossil evidence, that modern man (or humans) first evolved in the Near East.
They are as important to the modern man as his clothes and car.
The character of Euthyphro is a prototype of modern man.
The same sort of telescoping occurs within Bruce Smith's Shakespeare and Masculinity, which constantly moves from the cultural makeup of early modern men to the imaginative representations created by one such early modern man.
The paintings we made with such remarkable skill about 30,000 years ago on the walls of caves in today's southern Europe signal a great revolution in the development of modern man.
He also shows his intellectual utopias like 'the city of 3 million habitants' born from a joke, as the originality of the cosmic dimension of his architecture but also the witticism of his personality as: the monk and the scholar/the modern man and the naked man/the athlete and the searcher.
For Paine, Chesterton should not only be properly regarded as a philosopher, after the Angelic Doctor himself, but as the philosophical doctor for diseased modern man.
The question that Thurber and White pose to their readers is one that modern man--and I do mean man--often ponders, or at least the modern man of 1929, when Is Sex Necessary?
If it can happen in Germany, one of the most densely populated nations on earth in one of the oldest habitats of modern man, there may yet be hope for wilderness in the world.
An innovative collection of man-care hair products and 5-minute gray hair camouflage treatments for the modern man who wants to look more youthful in a natural, relaxed way.
Modern Man Modern Man personifies a new multi-faceted generation of modern masculinity.

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