modified portland cement

modified portland cement, type II portland cement

A cement used in general construction where moderate heat of hydration is required.
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2 with messenger wire; 9 sf polymer modified portland cement mortar; 294 lf 8" sanitary sewer removal; 206 lf abandon existing water main fill with clsm; 2 ea manholes sanitary 4" diameter type 1 frame; closed lid; 283 lf 8" sanitary sewer; 100 lf exploration trench, utilities (hand excavation); 100 lf exploration trench utilities (vacuum excavation); 23,045 lf 6" pipe underdrains fabric lined trench; 2,712 ea drill and grout dowel bars and anchor rods.
6 CY concrete superstructure;870 lb reinforcement bars; 220 ft paint pavement marking removal; 49 SF polymer modified Portland cement mortar; 1 SY deck slab repair; mobilization; traffic control and protection.

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