modifier key

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modifier key

A key that is pressed on a keyboard in combination with a letter or digit key to perform some function. The modifier key is held down while another key is pressed one or more times. For example, a modifier key is used to move the cursor across text a word or sentence at a time, and it is used to enter commands such as print, open and close. For Windows PCs, see Control key, Alt key and Windows key. For Macs, see Command key, Control key and Option key.

DesktopPlatform   Modifier Keys

  Windows    Control, Alt, Windows

  Linux      Control, Alt

  Mac        Control, Option, Command

Mac Modifier Keys
The Control, Option and Command (Apple) keys are the modifier keys on the Mac.

Special Mac Models
Although many PC keyboards work on the Mac, some keyboard vendors such as Das Keyboard make products specialized for the Mac. (Image courtesy of Das Keyboard,
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All of the above folks should consider using Sticky Keys, the free utility in the Control Panel that lets the computer hold down modifier keys (such as Shift) for one keystroke (www.
Quick command access: Five built-in triggerpoint buttons embedded in the tooltuner provide instant access to commands, shortcuts and modifier keys, and are fully programmable.
There's no software support and everything can be controlled by modifier keys on the keyboard.
These lighting effects can be changed right from the keyboard using modifier keys.
The two-handing working style -- using a mouse in one hand and a 3D motion controller in the other -- showed considerable ergonomic advantages over the one-handed style of using a mouse and modifier keys.
Along with that, you get support for multimedia control and Windows lock through modifier keys.
8 million colors to your keystrokes, configure your keyboard to highlight your in-game and application key bindings, your modifier keys, your system controls as well as your macro sequences and cool-downs plus much, much more.