mods and rockers

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mods and rockers

significant examples of stylistic youth SUBCULTURES which emerged in the 1960s. Mods were a stylistic grouping based on motor scooters and smart dress, and Rockers a grouping riding powerful motorcycles and wearing heavy leathers. According to Hall et al. (1976) and Clarke et al. (1979), while Mods could be interpreted as the ‘symbolic representation’ of new working-class affluence through CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION and display, Rockers represented a reaffirmation of traditional’ working-class values, including working-class community, male chauvinism, etc.

Such youth subcultural phenomena have been subject to considerable sociological scrutiny in Britain, particularly since the research carried out by S. Cohen (Folk Devils and Moral Panics, 1973). Incidents involving groups of Mods and Rockers at English seaside resorts between 1964 and 1966 were widely condemned in the press and broadcast news. Cohen uses them as a case study in the examination of the treatment of DEVIANCE by the MASS MEDIA. He argues that through the use of STEREOTYPES, symbols and imagery the media actively help construct FOLK DEVILS and generate large scale MORAL PANICS.

In the work of the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies represented by Hall et al. (see also CULTURAL STUDIES), groupings such as Mods and Rockers are of interest in a different way, because they ‘subvert the supposed (passive) role of the consumer and transform… cultural meanings’, constituting new forms of cultural identity and autonomy.

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Those were the days when cafes and coffee bars changed from being the preserve of grown-ups to the social habitat of teenagers, mods and rockers.
1964: The seaside resort of Clacton was the scene of pitched battles by gangs of mods and rockers.
Quadrophenia was based on the Mods and Rockers |battles of the mid-1960s
Set in 1964 against the backdrop of a burgeoning youth culture of Mods and Rockers, it ushered in a Mod revival in the late 1970s, giving a new generation a fresh appreciation of the music of that time.
1964: Scores of youths are given prison sentences following violence between gangs of Mods and Rockers.
Except, of course, this new breed of barbarians called Mods and Rockers.
Here are a few of Britain's most infamous- and often recurring - moral panics MODS AND ROCKERS Bank holiday clashes between the leatherclad Rockers and parka-wearing Mods led to fears teenagers were tearing apart the fabric of society.
There was economic depression in the 1930s, spivs and a crimewave in the blackout, teddy boy gangs in the 50s, mods and rockers riots in the 60s.
THE WAR between mods and rockers is still raging, at least in the fashion world.
1964: The resort of Clacton was the scene of pitched battles by gangs of mods and rockers.