modulus of subgrade reaction

coefficient of subgrade reaction

The ratio of load per unit area on soil to the corresponding deformation.
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Consequently, runway design requirements and pavement evaluation are largely affected by potential deflection, which primarily relates to California bearing ratio (CBR) or modulus of subgrade reaction of soil subgrade of the runway (Ashford, Wright 1992; Horonjeff, McKelvey 1994).
s] is the modulus of subgrade reaction of the runway pavement, and p is the equivalent static contact pressure exerted by landing gear wheels on the runway pavement surface, the following general expression derived by D.
j] depend on the fatigue law and are related to actual and standard axle load, bending strength of concrete and coefficient [beta], which in turn depends on thickness of a concrete slab h, modulus of subgrade reaction k and other pavement parameters.
At the AASHO Road Test, the elastic modulus of subgrade reactions k gross (obtained with 30-in[760-mm-] diameter plate) in units of pounds per cubic inch (pci) is taken to be an average 60 pci (16 kPa/mm).