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see plowplow
or plough,
agricultural implement used to cut furrows in and turn up the soil, preparing it for planting. The plow is generally considered the most important tillage tool.
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Chisel and moldboard plowing increased carbon dioxide emissions for a short time.
The embankments were a low ridge of soil formed by a moldboard plow.
moldboard with easy hook up to a front mount receiver hitch.
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38 kg ha stalk shredder, plow, disk, resulting from crashing the residue and using the moldboard plowing is [7.
First to the future cornfield came our moldboard plow, pulled by Dick and Prince.
Design Principles of the non-smooth surface of bionic plow moldboard.
Reicosky DC, Archer DW (2007) Moldboard plough tillage depth and short-term carbon dioxide release.
Conventional tillage, such as moldboard plowing, chisel plowing, and disking, destroys organic matter, adversely affecting soil properties critical for water infiltration.
If the cutting edge wears down too far, the moldboard is damaged and has to be replaced or sent to support for repair.
Land preparation consisted of moldboard plowing to a depth of 46 cm followed by disking with a tractor-mounted disk harrow to a depth of 20 cm.
The plowing experiment was one of several at the ARS North Appalachian Experimental Watershed Research Unit in Coshocton that have cast light on exactly how much--or how little--soil carbon is lost by moldboard plowing.