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Using embryos from a genetically-engineered mouse strain, MEGA employs a functional molecular biomarker to improve the detection of toxic media or any other environmental stress that may negatively impact early development.
The controversy over these tests' status as laboratory-developed tests will complicate existing issues regarding the regulation and accreditation already found with the entirety of molecular biomarker testing in the United States.
Abcodia) is a biotechnology company that offers molecular biomarker validation services.
The investigators also examined a molecular biomarker of cartilage tissue degradation: the urinary level of C-terminal cross-linking telopeptide of type II collagen, which correlates with radiographic progression of OA.
Characterization of Molecular Biomarker Classes: Hotspot Analysis of Publications
Altogether, our data indicate that FoxM1 signaling contributes to aggressiveness in a subset of CRC and that the FOXM1 gene may serve as a useful molecular biomarker and potential therapeutic target," the abstract concluded.
The researchers suggest that this mutation could serve as a molecular biomarker to aid doctors in clinical practice, affecting dosing requirements, patients' response to medications and toxicity levels of numerous drugs, especially anti-cancer medications.
s use of a molecular biomarker to predict the efficacy of its ADVEXIN cancer therapy was discussed at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) international conference.
Interleukin 18 has promise as a molecular biomarker for prognosis prediction.
NovioGendix's patented urine-based, molecular biomarker test for prostate cancer provides a non-invasive "liquid biopsy" method to identify patients at low risk for prostate cancer.
Leptin in particular may be a molecular biomarker that is useful to combine with PET," Dr.
The study also showed perceived age was linked with an important molecular biomarker of ageing called telomeres.
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