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see mollymolly
or mollie,
New World fish of the genus Poecilia, which includes the guppy or rainbow fish, Poecilia reticulata. Mollies, which are related to the killifishes, are found from the E and central United States to Argentina.
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Mollie was left heartbroken when she split up with model DAVID GANDY, 32, earlier this year.
And Mollie now wants us to have an M&M's colour-coded section which is something we are going to do.
Mollie has produced several videos during her time at Coleg Morgannwg.
Mollie Hunter was Coll, questioning the fallibility of organized religion in first century Scotland; she was the intellect seeking spiritual solace in The King's Swift Rider.
Mollie Randle fought just as hard as her husband in realising their shared dream of a place where children could have their first taste of arts and theatre.
Mollie Beattie, the Harvard-trained administrator and philosopher-forester, concludes, "There is no math you can do to resolve these issues.
Mollie was nominated by Nevada State High School in Henderson, and Heather was nominated by Ernest Becker Middle School in Las Vegas.
While many craft publications focus on a narrow subject, such as knitting for example, Mollie Makes U.
Mollie is now 13 weeks old and Stephanie said she made it through thanks to her special bond with Louise.