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While the snake can be deadly because of its venoms, some mongoose species, like the Indian grey mongoose, are immune to cobra bites.
Previous Korths I've seen have had fancy wooden Nill grips, but built for constant shooting by American gun enthusiasts, the Nighthawk Mongoose comes with finger-grooved rubber Hogues.
The patient's wife, who accompanied him on this visit, reported that during the first week of October he had been bitten by a mongoose while tending to a chicken coop located on their property; he had not sought care after the encounter.
In Pakistan, the small Indian mongoose is widely distributed in the province of Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan, but not reported from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Roberts, 1997).
Dad Mario was the first mongoose born at the centre back in 2012 and was hand-reared by the centre's volunteers after his mother was unable to care for him.
Samsung is claiming that the Mongoose core offers a 30% performance uplift over the Exynos 7420, and a 10% boost to power efficiency.
The Afrikaans translation for mongoose is "muishond" (or translated in reverse--mouse dog) and with good reason .
The last stepladder spot will be determined in a shootout among Micah's Pride, Hal Falcons, BCT Mongoose, Crystal HQ, Shawly Still Solid and Fine Boys (FB) Rhinos.
12 September 2014 - US voice-based marketing automation platform provider Ifbyphone said it had acquired local call tracking, measurement and attribution specialist Mongoose Metrics for an undisclosed price.
ROARSOME A tiny, snarling mongoose keeps three of the lions at bay
By the end of this two-parter, she knows the names of dolphins, has chatted up some fireflies, murmured to a mongoose (right) and written a chimp dictionary.
For young banded mongoose moms, there's only one choice for when to give birth--the same day as older, dominant mothers.