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see monasticismmonasticism
, form of religious life, usually conducted in a community under a common rule. Monastic life is bound by ascetical practices expressed typically in the vows of celibacy, poverty, and obedience, called the evangelical counsels.
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What does it mean when you dream about a monk?

Monks are a symbol of spiritual discipline, asceticism, and inner wisdom. The dreamer’s own religious beliefs determine the meaning of this dream symbol.


1. a male member of a religious community bound by vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience
2. a fancy pigeon having a bald pate and often large feathered feet


Thelonious (Sphere) . 1920--82, US jazz pianist and composer
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We were often reminded of the importance of our spiritual patron by the teaching staff, especially by the De la Salle brothers, 20th-century successors in Splott of St Illtud and his monkish students in Llantwit Major.
pays special attention to the play of light and shadow in domestic space, as in the Hammershoi-like shot, hushed and monkish, that places Pinto at a small wooden table positioned in the corner of two austere whitewashed walls, a ray of sunlight falling crisply across the floor from lower frame left.
If for a century the culture of bibliographical scholarship has left the answer to such questions in the hands of archival scholars, that somewhat monkish privilege has been reformed by the personal computer.
It took some time for it all to sink in, a few days of monkish contemplation following the whirlwind of the July 18 Emmy nominations announcement to understand why enthusiasm for the Sept.
In "'A Monkish Kind of Virtue': For and Against Humility," Mark Button claims that, like much of the Christian tradition, contemporary notions of humility emphasize modesty.
Next, a move away from the coast to the Inner Var where our tour took a turn for the spiritual with a trip to the 12th century Thoronet Abbey and a demonstration of monkish singing.
Joseph Forsyth, whose Remarks on Antiquities (1818) Hawthorne may have read as early as 1827 (Kesselring 184), and who is cited authoritatively in Hillard's travel guide, described the Maremma, an extensive lowland along the Tuscan seacoast, as a country "full of little, local superstitions, and overgrown with monkish faery.
However, a series of vicious supernatural attacks sends him once more into battle against evil magic, joined by his teenaged assistant, the monkish swordsman, Raseed bas Raseed, and Zamia Badawi, a beautiful but vengeful were-lion whose desert tribe was decimated by demons larger and more powerful than any the Doctor has encountered before.
gradual rejection of these superstitious, monkish manacles and its
The author of The Corrections and Freedom is an otherwise astute social observer--and a writer who, moreover, shows an admirable degree of care toward his art, as his infamous spat with Oprah's Book Club and reportedly monkish work habits attest.
Additionally, Thelonious Monkish will be catering Christmas Eve dinner for forty-five at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.