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(1) An ancient Greek one-stringed instrument played by plucking.

(2) A device for determining the tone of a string and its parts. It consists of a string stretched between two bridges at the ends of an oblong wooden resonator; a movable bridge divides the string into two separately sounding parts. A scale of measurement is marked on the surface of the resonator. (Called also manichord, sonometer.)

(3) The una corda (in Russian, monokhord ); the device in a piano that enables the keyboard mechanism to shift to the side, allowing the hammer to strike not two or three strings of one chord simultaneously, but only one string. In the modern piano, the “soft” left pedal.

(4) Until the 18th century, the widely used term for the clavichord (Italian, monacordo, manicordo; French, manicorde, manichordion).