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a lens for correcting defective vision of one eye, held in position by the facial muscles



(1) An eyeglass lens, with or without a frame, that is held in the eye socket.

(2) The simplest kind of camera lens, consisting of a single positive meniscus-type lens. It is used predominantly in inexpensive cameras for portrait and landscape photographs. The best image quality is provided by a convex-concave meniscus lens with its convex side facing the photosensitive layer and with a diaphragm located in front of the objective. Monocles have a small aperture ratio (not exceeding 1:8) and a small image angle (not exceeding 25°). A monocle is also called a landscape lens.

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So some of the bits of growing up are actually rather lovely and I can definitely see the upside - if I use my monocle.
After a dedicated period of research and development, Monocle Madness, described as 'the portable reading device,' is being launched, amid the growing popularity of Steampunk, the retro futurist fashion movement.
Commenting on the announcement, Tsuneo Kita, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nikkei said, "We are delighted to announce our partnership with Monocle today.
The bizarrely dressed figure also wore a monocle, and its skin had a blue cast.
To be thus neglected by Monocle magazine, which since it was set up 18 months ago by the Wallpaper* founder BrAEA'lAE[c], has established itself as the observer of things cool and contemporary, will come as a shock to both cities.
And Monocle is probably the only magazine I read cover to cover.
I am happy for my staff to wear the monocles if it means putting a stop to the pirates.
Our Monocle Flat Panel Graphics Adapter uses Silicon Image's PanelLink technology to offer excellent display quality, high performance, and high refresh rates.
TORONTO, April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Top Hat Monocle, a provider of technology-based classroom and homework innovations, today announced the appointment of two new members of its executive team.
It probably has to be something you can keep in your pocket, like a Shevchenko, so I'm going for a monocle at 33-1.
SHE wore a monocle when she was young, this shy daughter of a coffee planter, and she loved the animals of the African wilderness, winning the admiration of a dashing trapper and motorcycle stunt-rider when he learned that she had hand-reared a baby elephant.
Eubank, who was not wearing his famous monocle, told the fans: ``I am very happy to be here.