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a lens for correcting defective vision of one eye, held in position by the facial muscles



(1) An eyeglass lens, with or without a frame, that is held in the eye socket.

(2) The simplest kind of camera lens, consisting of a single positive meniscus-type lens. It is used predominantly in inexpensive cameras for portrait and landscape photographs. The best image quality is provided by a convex-concave meniscus lens with its convex side facing the photosensitive layer and with a diaphragm located in front of the objective. Monocles have a small aperture ratio (not exceeding 1:8) and a small image angle (not exceeding 25°). A monocle is also called a landscape lens.

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Users can connect up to two MONOCLES to share a private call, perfect for noisy environments
40 unique weapons with 80 augmentations -- Dozens of weaponized animals to launch from your glorious monocle.
Then inspiration struck: I could use the lens that had dropped out as a monocle, enabling me to see the wretched thing well enough to mend it.
Bryan Magrath, CEO of Vision Express said: "To our surprise we've had dozens of requests from customers in the last few months, so we thought we'd bring back the monocle on a trial basis.
Their latest venture of issuing the red monocle glasses along with film reels is thought to have set the company back pounds 3,000 ago.
Collin (Heinrich Schafmeister), all monocles and cigarette holders and haughty Prussian superiority, is more bemused than anything when he officially is declared non-Aryan.
It gave me special pleasure to see the violent end inevitably allotted to officers of the Waffen SS who invariably wore monocles, permanent sneers, and black uniforms adorned with swastikas and death's-head insignia.
They've got smoking jackets, apparently, and all the eyes have monocles.
The Hot Monocles, based in Sutton Coldfield, scooped the prize by winning a national talent contest run by pub chain O'Neills.