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a one-wheeled vehicle driven by pedals, esp one used in a circus, etc. Also called: monocycle

What does it mean when you dream about a unicycle?

If riding high on a large single wheel, the dreamer may be totally in control and exercising authority in both personal and business matters, appearing to be the “big wheel” in these arenas. If, however, the dreamer’s ride seems precarious and unstable, going it alone may not be the wisest strategy with respect to some situation.

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k] represents the random delay of the kth transmitter's monocycle, 0 [less than or equal to] [[tau].
7] generator are less tunable represents a monocycle for the pulse pulse generator that was width and pulse developed using a Schottky repetition diode, step-recovery diode interval (SRD), and coplanar (PRI); they waveguide.
The synthesis of tricyclic ligands is not straight forward as monocycles and tricycles, and often requires multistep synthetic procedures.
Methodology research, the research methods was applied on introductive monocycle period to eight weeks, adequate period to the selective process after National Naval Pentathlon Championship till the new training year.
If his monocycle went into production it would be used for track racing and would have a 22-horsepower electric motor and go up to speeds of 60 miles per hour.
It combines with the next incoming impulse and forms a monocycle pulse if the time delay (length of l1) is properly optimized.
With a mix of humor and style, the Men in Black return to 1969 with a digital re-creation of New York's Shea Stadium and the Apollo 11 rocket launch, and an action-packed monocycle chase through the streets of Brooklyn.
In this simulation (also other simulations in this paper), the second-order Gaussian monocycle p(t) = [1 - 4[pi][(t/[[tau].
Another futuristic vehicle design which is on the market, but hasn't quite captured popular imagination, is the monocycle, a single wheeled scooter which looks like you're riding in a motorized hula hoop with a speed of up to 40 km/h.
He was a trick cyclist and his grand finale was to cycle across the stage from one side to the other on a monocycle.
Figure 1 depicts a picosecond monocycle in time and the envelope of the spectra for two different pulse lengths.
This antenna can pass a monocycle pulse of width ~ 1 ns, with minimal ringing (see Figure 4), which gives a good broadband emission over a frequency range of 0.