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A single, large, continuous filament (single-strand thread) of a natural or synthetic fiber.



a single untwisted synthetic fiber that is thicker than ordinary elementary filaments. It is used in the manufacture of various articles; for example, Nylon-b monofilaments are used in stockings.

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The new company will operate under the name Reimotec Winding Technology as part of the business unit Reimotec, thus completing the Reimotec product range of monofilament, artificial turf and strapping tape lines.
The CTF results are "very interesting, and I think that this is certainly a useful addition to the monofilaments," he said in an interview, adding that they are consistent with last year's recommendation of using monofilaments together with one other of four tests.
Among the very first commercial PP applications were monofilaments for fabrics, carpets, and ropes, as well as clear, biaxially oriented (BOPP) films used as replacements for cellophane in cigarette wrap, bread wrap, and retail packaging for shirts and other garments.
Plied monofilaments are twisted, small-diameter monofilaments bundled and twisted together.
The discernment of the doctor was then compared with results of a monofilament foot examination.
Its Ascend brand will initially target the food packaging, specialty film, textile, and monofilament markets.
The article regarding the inaccuracy of monofilament testing provides another opportunity to reassess the value of screening diabetics for neuropathy ("Monofilaments Called Inaccurate for Assessing Neuropathy,"
Glassmaster Company is a Lexington, South Carolina based processor- fabricator of thermoplastic and thermoset plastic materials, where it manufactures extruded monofilaments including sewing thread, filaments for papermakers' fabrics, trimmer and fishing lines, specialty fiberglass products including the Glassmaster Composites Modular Building System(TM) and its line of fiberglass boats.
This flexibility allows it to make products like clear-coated greenhouse covers reinforced with monofilaments or tarpaulins laminated onto monofilament grids for truck covers and large tents.
From July 1, 2013, Perlon-Monofil GmbH will raise its prices worldwide for synthetic monofilaments by a minimum of 5 percent depending on the field of application and grade.
CHICAGO -- The monofilaments that are used to test patients with diabetes for peripheral neuropathy are highly inaccurate, Peter Cavanagh, Ph.
Other products on display are ISOray, a UV resistant, transparent, flouropolymer monofilament industrial sewing thread, Nylon 612 and 610, which are low moisture regain polymers for monofilaments with applications for brush bristles, cable jacketing, and automotive and electronics.