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a paper, book, or other work concerned with a single subject or aspect of a subject



a scholarly work in which a specific theme is investigated in detail. In a monograph, the literature on the problem under consideration is presented and analyzed and new hypotheses and solutions contributing to further research are proposed. A monograph usually includes extensive bibliographical data, comments, and other information.

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261, 262 (1997); a monographical treatment is provided by CUTLER, supra note 21; see also the commentary by Peer Zumbansen, Sustaining Paradox Boundaries: Perspectives on Internal Affairs in Domestic and International Law, 15 EUR.
Ankara'da 158 Gecekondu Hakkinda Monografi, (A Monographical Study on 158 Gecekondus in Ankara).
The only monographical study devoted to Kilwardby of which I know, dates from 1937: E.
It is a totally different concept than the last 3 books written by Elton Leme (Canistropsis, Cansitrum & Nidularium), which are about the same forest (area) but which are more monographical taxonomic works.