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a paper, book, or other work concerned with a single subject or aspect of a subject



a scholarly work in which a specific theme is investigated in detail. In a monograph, the literature on the problem under consideration is presented and analyzed and new hypotheses and solutions contributing to further research are proposed. A monograph usually includes extensive bibliographical data, comments, and other information.

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Sculpture, video, painting, and drawing are carefully installed in the white-cube galleries of Tate Loverpool and the Bluecoat Gallery; in both venues, the artworks are organized monographically by room.
THE WORK OF LUCIO FONTANA was last presented monographically in the United States in 1977, when the Solomon R.
The matrix of small rooms--some organized geographically, some monographically, some thematically--allowed visitors to take any number of routes, and the connections that emerged were complex and revelatory.