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see airplaneairplane,
or aircraft,
heavier-than-air vehicle, mechanically driven and fitted with fixed wings that support it in flight through the dynamic action of the air.
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an airplane with a single wing. In the early 20th century wings were called planes, since they were thin and often flat. They were fastened to the airplane with wires, cables, or steel bands (wire-braced monoplanes) or with struts (strutted monoplanes). Later the use of high-strength materials made possible the elimination of braces and struts (cantilever monoplanes). The wing of a cantilever monoplane is heavier than the wing of a biplane. However, this drawback is balanced by better flying performance.

Monoplanes are classified as high-wing, mid-wing, or low-wing types, according to the position of the wing relative to the fuselage. Cantilever monoplanes are now universally used; however, braced and strutted monoplanes are still used in light aviation and sportflying.


An airplane with one main supporting surface wing that may be divided into two parts by the fuselage.


an aeroplane with only one pair of wings
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CALAIS: A French pilot has recreated the first-ever flight across the English Channel in a monoplane like the one that Louis Bleriot flew in 1909, complete with a wooden propeller, bicycle wheels and an engine as powerful as a lawnmower.
He chose the single-engine monoplane configuration for simplicity and efficiency and suggested design elements that contributed to his plane's aerodynamic qualities.
Once the meadows of North Stoneham Farm, the flat expanses were used in 1910 by Eric Rowland Moon as a base for flying his homemade monoplane Moonbeam Mk II.
Designed to land on aircraft carriers, this monoplane cargo aircraft provides critical logistics support to carrier strike groups.
gt;Louis Vedere, channel 1909: Louis Bleriot became the first man to fly across the Channel, steering his threecylinder monoplane from near Calais to Northfall Meadow near Dover Castle.
In 1931, Bobbi Trout and Edna May Cooper broke an endurance record for female aviators as they returned to Mines Field in Los Angeles after flying a Curtiss Robin monoplane continuously for 122 hours and 50 minutes.
THE Hawker Hurricane was the first monoplane fighter to enter service into the RAF (111 Squadron) in 1938.
An aviation milestone was achieved on this date 80 years ago, as famed pilot Wiley Post landed his Lockheed monoplane on Long Island, New York, completing the first solo flight around the world.
The monoplane bomber powered by two Armstrong engines was capable of a top speed of 250 miles per hour and represented the greatest advance that had been made in the air.
html) Amelia Earhart's 115th birthday by gracing its homepage with a drawing of an aviator boarding a Lockheed Vega 5B monoplane, which she used to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932.
Main and inset left, Captain Vivian Hewitt with his Bleriot monoplane on Rhyl beach in 1912, shortly before his historic flight across the Irish Sea to Dublin
monoplane carrier aircraft, but has never enjoyed a book devoted to it (discounting an inadequate soft cover book of the 1960s).