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PHOENIX, July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Governor Doug Ducey recently declared June 14th through the 19th monsoon awareness week, but Hastings and Hastings encourages all Arizonans to be mindful of monsoons for the entirety of summer.
Intermittent showers over the past few days had brought the temperature down in the state, and the weather office confirmed on Friday that the monsoon had arrived.
DG PDMA Punjab, Jawad Akram briefed the House about the state of preparedness of various related provincial departments for monsoon 2015.
Since its launch in 2001, Monsoon has been bringing together the pieces of the product puzzle, creating a team that brings strategy, design and development together as a holistic approach to product launch and design.
It was being predicted that the monsoon will not be satisfactory this time but it will not be so.
Monsoon Accessorize has been looking for a new chief executive since May last year.
The weather office had forecast an average monsoon already in April, before the rainy season started, although with slightly heavier rains.
Monsoon Commerce marketplace integration solutions also posted gains, with 32% more customers in the first quarter of 2012 compared to last year.
Mahindra FirstChoice Services Limited (Mahindra FirstChoice), an India-based multi-brand car servicing company, has introduced its Monsoon Proof package.
Southwest monsoon that brings two-thirds of rains to India and vital for India's agricultural output, have finally hit Kerala, the country's southern coastline, relieving anxious farmers who saw the worst drought last year after 37 years triggering double-digit food inflation and heavy crop losses.
Monsoon rains should have reached Mumbai by June 10, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and parts of Uttar Pradesh by June 15.
The monsoon usually begins in early June, but rarely reaches New Delhi and the rest of northern India before the beginning of July.