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1. an imaginary beast, such as a centaur, usually made up of various animal or human parts
2. a person, animal, or plant with a marked structural deformity

What does it mean when you dream about a monster?

Dreams of monsters are usually caused by repressed emotions and fears. Some ugly and scary aspect of the dreamer’s personality may be reflected in, or confronted during, interaction with the monster.


A congenitally malformed fetus which is incapable of properly performing the vital functions, or which exhibits marked structural differences from the normal.


Dreaming about monsters and demons is very common. They may represent negative forces inside of yourself and in your life. Most of the monsters are representing your own negative characteristics and tendencies. The monster in your dreams could be your fear, bad temper, negativity, smoking habit, or anything else that is hurtful and needs to be changed. The way that you deal with the monster in your dream is generally symbolic of the way you are dealing with the corresponding negativity in your daily life. If you wake up from this dream and are very frightened, just remember that your mind created those images and that their purpose is to teach you something about yourself.
References in classic literature ?
You can fancy how great was the rejoicing when the news was spread abroad that the terrible monster was dead.
From this moment all unlucky casualties which could not be otherwise accounted for were put down to the monster.
Sitting there on thy golden throne, and in thy robes of majesty, I tell thee to thy face, King Minos, thou art a more hideous monster than the Minotaur himself
But for your exceeding minuteness," he said, "in describing the monster, I might never have had it in my power to demonstrate to you what it was.
Its head and its tail were shaped precisely alike, only, not far from the latter, were two small holes that served for nostrils, and through which the monster puffed out its thick breath with prodigious violence, and with a shrieking, disagreeable noise.
Well, our antique monster must have been mighty heavy, and the distances he had to travel were long and the ways difficult.
And then suddenly, with a crashing and a rending, a thudding of giant feet and a panting of monster lungs the beast was upon me once more.
Take good care of these friends of mine," said the Lion, "and I will go at once to fight the monster.
Both Woola and I had several narrow escapes from these greedy, arboreous monsters.
what if this little monster were to be carried to them to suckle?
No matter how much danger I may be in here I cannot desert my father on this lonely isle with only savage lascars and the terrible monsters of his own creation surrounding him.
Let that monster go away and I will soon let you know what is the respective strength of a Goat and a Bull.