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see morning glorymorning glory,
common name for members of the Convolvulaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and small trees (many of them climbing forms) inhabiting warm regions, especially the tropics of America and Asia. The family is characterized by milky sap.
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Certainly, our case studies demonstrated theatre's potential to expose the audience to environmental information and ideas (Evergreen Theatre can perform to 75,000 children in a year, Leapfish's Cool Solutions show performed to 4,000 students, Eaton Gorge Theatre Company performs to up to 10,000 children per year, and Plague and the Moonflower performed to over 10,000 people).
As the morning comes, the moonflower goes back to "sleep" as the other animals do that stay awake through the night.
Beautifully packaged, each set contains eau de toilette, soap and shower gel in White Musk, Oceanus and Spirit Of Moonflower.
Flowers from Felton, Wills and Seager, pounds 25; The Spirit of the Moonflower toiletries set from Body Shop, pounds 20; Scarf pounds 15 and hat pounds 15, from Marks & Spencer; Eminem album from HMV, pounds 15.
In mild climates where temperatures don't drop below 27 |degrees~ to 32 |degrees~, cathedral bells, chickabiddy, and moonflower usually live over.
The midnotes include Peony Petals and Moonflower, wrapped in a delicious veil of vanilla-infused Red Toffee Apple.
He was the owner of Moonflower Gallery from 1989 to 1996, has been a commercial real estate developer and is now dedicated to life as an artist and publisher.
Morning glories, cardinal climber, cup-and- saucer, moonflower, and hyacinth bean vine, have been around forever.
His resume includes, among many others, new routes up Kwangde Nup and Kusum Kanguru in Nepal; a one-day first ascent of Hunter's Moonflower Buttress; a first free ascent of the 4,000 foot west face of Peak 4810 in Kyrgyzstan, Russia; and Great Sail Peak, a 3,750 foot virgin wall in Baffin Island.
Tabor collaborated with Dream Theater's John Myung and Derek Sherinian and Dixie Dregs' Rod Morganstein on a project called Platypus and released a solo record entitled Moonflower Lane, also on Metal Blade.
I'd grow lilies, cosmos, morning glories, sweet peas, moonflowers, black-eyed susans.
2) At her death in 1996, Baehr left a slender literary legacy--a few dozen publications in literary journals and a volume of poetry, Moonflowers at Dusk.