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An individual variant in a polymorphic population.



the minimal meaningful part of an utterance; a specific representation of a morpheme in a text; one of the variants of a morpheme with nonidentical elements, as in the Russian alternation:

(1) /nos/it’

(2) /nes/ti

(3) /nash/ivat’ [The above three infinitives all contain a morpheme having the basic meaning of “to carry” or “to wear.” Their meaning and usage differs according to their mode of action (in Russian, sposob deistviia; in German, Aktionsart).}

The choice of a morph depends upon its phonological or morphological environment and is subject either to the rules of complementary distribution, as in English plural formants /-s/, /-z/, and /-Iz/, or to the rule of free variation, as in Russian bel/oi/ sten/oi/bel/oiu/ sten/oiu/ (instrumental singular of belaia stena, “white wall“). The morphs of a single morpheme are known as its allomorphs.

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In one intriguing experiment, the authors asked participants how likely they were to do business with a salesperson whose picture was morphed with Tiger Woods'.
The world was made by God" has morphed into "The universe was created by the Grand Designer.
When supplied with various growth factors, the new cells morphed into a variety of cell types.
The morphed FE model helps in assessing whether a "predesign" meets performance targets.
It's now commonly used to mean change, as in, "Following the election, the moderate Democrat morphed into a conservative one.
These were Ann Reinking's Fosse (which was an homage to Dancin' and Fosse himself), Lynn Taylor Corbett's Swing, an all-dance revue to pop songs, and finally Susan Stroman's Contact, an experimental evening of three short narrative ballets conceived as a Broadway musical--or, for the morph has morphed, dansical.
The day kidsworld visited the set there were two Jakes - the real Jake and someone else who had morphed into Jake