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An individual variant in a polymorphic population.



the minimal meaningful part of an utterance; a specific representation of a morpheme in a text; one of the variants of a morpheme with nonidentical elements, as in the Russian alternation:

(1) /nos/it’

(2) /nes/ti

(3) /nash/ivat’ [The above three infinitives all contain a morpheme having the basic meaning of “to carry” or “to wear.” Their meaning and usage differs according to their mode of action (in Russian, sposob deistviia; in German, Aktionsart).}

The choice of a morph depends upon its phonological or morphological environment and is subject either to the rules of complementary distribution, as in English plural formants /-s/, /-z/, and /-Iz/, or to the rule of free variation, as in Russian bel/oi/ sten/oi/bel/oiu/ sten/oiu/ (instrumental singular of belaia stena, “white wall“). The morphs of a single morpheme are known as its allomorphs.

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Thus, the evolution and maintenance of genetic color polymorphism may be based on a balance of selection pressures that enables the morphs to exploit alternative ecological niches (Fisher 1930).
In these insect-pollinated systems, the reciprocal positioning of the anthers level with respect to the stigma increases the efficiency of legitimate pollen transfer among morphs (Glover & Barrett 1986; Dos Santos & Wittmann 2000).
This research shows that cuckoos have also evolved alternate female morphs to sneak through the hosts' defences.
Named after the little clay TV friend of the late Tony Hart, the Morphs, when off-duty, are a group of teenage boys allied to Northumberland Youth Service and Doxford Youth Project in Seaton Delaval, where Emma Rudd, of the youth service, works with them at Astley Community High School.
AN ARMY of people wearing Morph suits performed a conga around Drayton Manor in a bid to beat a world record.
Members of Mr Hart's family came to see the rows upon rows of little Morphs and judge a competition on the best effort.
MORPH TRIBE: The Morphs outside the Tate Modern, and below, their creator the artist Tony Hart
The main difference between them is the Pro version provides key framing for defined paths for the morph dots to travel, which produces smoother morphs.
Combined for all morphs in the adaptive landscape, the relative number of fines decreased and relative tine length increased throughout the time series, indicating a change toward more cervine antlers in southeastern Norway.
Jake falls into a makeshift Yeerk pool, then Rachel morphs into a lion.
MUST-HAVES FOR BOYS" - DELUXE MEGAZORDS: As seen on the show, the Titan Megazord morphs into 3 modes for tons of play value.
For each of 16 body-part measurements, they selected the eight women with the shortest lengths and the eight with the longest, and constructed morphs of their faces.