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morris dance


morrice dance,

rustic dance of the north of England that had its origin in country festivals, such as those of May Day and Whitsunday. Reference to it in English literature is made as early as the 15th cent. The main dancers were called Robin Hood, Maid Marian, the hobbyhorse, and the bavian, or fool. They were accompanied by a piper or taborer. An ambulatory dance, it was often performed from one village to another by the main dancers and six other dancers, three in a row. The morris dance was a sword dance in many vicinities.


See J. Forrest, The History of Morris Dancing, 1458–1750 (1999).

morris dance

any of various old English folk dances usually performed by men (morris men) to the accompaniment of violin, concertina, etc. The dancers are adorned with bells and often represent characters from folk tales
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I'm no longer an ordinary person, I'm a morris dancer.
The Plum Jerkum Border Morris Dancers staged its annual Wassail Tour on Saturday, starting at the Duck on the Pond in Long Itchington.
A Glorishears spokesman said: "The city centre will be full of Morris dancers, some with sticks and hankies, others with painted faces.
The old(e) world encounters the new at Ormskirk in 1903, when the features announced include both the crowning of the May Queen, replete with 'Court Attendants and Retainers, Morris Dancers, May Pole Dancers, Athletic and Old English Sports &c', and the presence of a 'CINEMATOGRAPH.
The Mersey Stars Morris Dancers were set up in the Dingle area of south Liverpool because there was nothing for girls to do in the area.
They believe they're the only surviving group of Morris Dancers in Scotland and they're so desperate for members they're offering free beer to new recruits.
The Society of Morris Dancers believes that every Olympic opening ceremony since it's creation has showcased the home country's cultural identity, and that without including morris dancing in the proceedings we will not be fulfilling this legacy.
Prince Bishops centre administrator Tania Collinson said: "It was unfortunate that we had to ask the morris dancers to stop after a couple of dances.
The day of traditional English dance was organised by the Southport Swords and the allfemale Mockbeggar Morris Dancers.
Easter is a traditional time for Morris dancers to perform Pace Egg plays - similar to the Mumming plays performed at Christmas.
A programme of traditional dance was staged in Chamberlain Square, including Morris dancers and maypole dancing.