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As this action occurred, there was also a tendency for the side frame tenon to withdraw from the mortise.
Warping and cracking occurs at the edge of mortise for the joints with tenons 30 mm in width in particular.
In these specimens, the mortise and tenon joist-to-post joint shown in Figure 2 has been replaced by a "pinned" joint that is secured by means of what is essentially a "through bolt with dowel nut.
Table legs can be weakened when the mortises are machined in the legs both in the front-to-back and in the side direction.
2005 also cite the work of Sparkes (1968) which determined that rectangular and rounded M&T joints were similar in strength and that round mortises with rectangular tenons were substantially weaker.
These specimens had 2-inch diameter mortises and 4- and 6-inch mortise end-distances.
Instead of using a chisel (Photo 8), you can cut the hinge mortises more quickly with a router, a straight bit and a steady hand.
Mortises were drilled in the posts with a 19/32-inch (15 mm) drill bit so that a tight shrink-fit could be obtained when the tenons were inserted in the holes.
All of the joints are cut on a table saw, and the whole thing goes together quickly once you've cut the mortise grooves and tenons.
Finally, as a matter of interest, three specimens constructed with 3-inch yellow-poplar tenons and 3-inch-diameter by 8-inch-deep yellow-poplar mortises were cross pinned with 1.
Reuse the old hinge mortises on the trim if possible.