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A solid mass of blastomeres formed by cleavage of the eggs of many animals; precedes the blastula or gastrula, depending on the type of egg.
(invertebrate zoology)
A cluster of immature male gametes in which differentiation occurs outside the gonad; common in certain annelids.



a stage in the development of the embryo in multicellular animals, preceding the completion of the period of cleavage. In the morula stage, the embryo is a mass of cells (blastomeres) that resembles the aggregate fruit (“berry”) of the raspberry, blackberry, or mulberry. The morula stage is followed by the blastula stage.

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But these findings also suggest that clinicians shouldn't cancel the transfer if only morulae are available, a practice that is common in some in vitro fertilization clinics, Dr.
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Because the blood samples were transported frozen, detection of morulae was not possible.
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