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mother goddess:

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in ancient Middle Eastern religions, mother goddess, the great symbol of the earth's fertility. She was worshiped under many names and attributes. Similar figures have been known in every part of the world.
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Yet, projecting an idealized and universal, beneficent Great Mother Goddess back to the beginning of time and seeing all ancient and later goddesses as faces of 'Her'--when they were sometimes not benevolent nor necessarily symbols of women's social power--merely represents a 'feminist fundamentalism' (Ruether 2005: 307), the corollary of which is a 'totalizing image' of the ubiquity of patriarchy (Eller 2000: 183).
The Garden Her, the biblical Mother Goddess, was present in Her
But she isn't a mother goddess and she isn't a fertility goddess: she watches over the hunt, among many other aspects of human society.
Topics addressed include: balancing religious commitment and moral obligations in Haitian transnational social fields; migration and the practice of Len Dong (the ritual of sprit mediumship in Dao Mau, a Vietnamese Mother Goddess religion); transnational travel and Ghanaian Pentecostal prophets; publicity and secrecy in African Pentecostalism and traditional religion; migrants, entrepreneurship, and the Pentecostal ethic in Botswana; transnational flows, entrepreneurship, and commodifications in Vietnamese spirit mediumships; transnational ties of Vietnamese Pentecostals; diasporic territorialization and charismatic power in a transnational Congolese prophetic church; and the Christian Church Outreach Mission International in translocal contexts.
A prevalent interpretation relates them to the Mother Goddess, a supernatural mother having idealized features related to sexuality, fertility, and birth.
We are birthing a new life cycle of mother goddess,"
On the hills sacred poles or trees were planted to the mother goddess Asherah.
Then she moves to the major data for her thesis: the mother goddess Cybele and her consort/slave Attis.
Both novels draw upon the mother goddess complex to frame their stories.
And what better way to discover the Mother Goddess as a symbol of the feminine
Although Mellaart uncovered only about 3% of the 32-acre site, he professed it to be the world's first city and revealed that a Mother Goddess was probably worshipped there.
The question arises as to the purpose of these Mother Goddess shrines.