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see sheepsheep,
common name for many species of wild and domesticated ruminant mammals of the genus Ovis of the Bovidae, or cattle, family. The male is called a ram (if castrated it is a wether), the female is called a ewe, and their offspring is a lamb.
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The post Moufflons thrash Slovakia in Paphos appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The Slovaks started playing rugby in the capital in 1927, but the experience has previously deserted them as they have lost heavily to the Moufflons when previously matched in the European Nations Leagues.
Now lodged in a group that contains Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Austria, the Moufflons -- holders of the world record for successive winning international games (24) -- are not in unfamiliar territory.
The Moufflons acquitted themselves well in the first round finishing mid-table after beating Lithuania, Moldova and drawing with Luxembourg.
The Moufflons are the only Cypriot international team to regularly cap Turkish Cypriots.
It became evident that while the Moufflons continued to stay ahead, the visitors were dominating the set pieces and the home side was weakening.
Ten minutes later, Holden the Cypriot half-back, struck back with a try which he converted giving the Moufflons a 7-5 lead.
Israel have not met the Moufflons since their play-off for promotion seven years ago when Cyprus lost narrowly to them at the end of their first incursion into international rugby.
At the end of last season, when the Cyprus Moufflons beat Hungary 15-3 to stay up, they were unaware that the European rugby authorities were busy restructuring the European leagues.
FRESH from their relegation escape, a rejuvenated Moufflons side take on European Nations Cup Division 2B leaders Lithuania on Saturday in Vilnius.
The mercurial Turgot romped past four defenders and touched down for the first try giving the Moufflons a 5-0 cover.
The Moufflons have not had a good campaign after being promoted following their remarkable entry into European International Rugby, having lost to group leaders Lithuania, Latvia twice and Andorra this season.