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The effect of environmental factors on hatching, moulting, and survival of zoea larvae of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus Rathbun.
The results of the present study suggested that in response to moulting, Japanese quails responded positively in terms of overall productive and reproductive performance, hence, can be applied in Japanese quails as and when required.
The penguin's moulting period only lasts two weeks and during the summer they put on weight to provide the energy they need to moult.
Moulting duration was recorded by observing the silkworm from the period of settling to moult to coming out of moult.
The lobsters in the two laboratory experiments were checked every other day and any mortalities were recorded and removed, at the same time any lobsters undergoing moulting were noted.
You should also regularly check your rabbit's skin to look for dandruff, especially behind the ears and along the spine as this, together with heavy moulting, can be a sign of mites.
Dyar's rule and the investment principle: optimal moulting strategies if feeding rate is size-dependent and growth is discontinuous.
Arthropod invertebrates such as insects and crustaceans require periodic moulting to attain somatic growth.
While moulting, birds will still be able to carry out their normal activities (Payne 1980, Aidley and Wilkinson 1987, Akinpelu 1994b).
A laboratory study of the effect of streamer tags on mortality, growth, moulting and duration of nocturnal emergence of the tiger prawn Penaeus esculentus (Haswell).
Breeding, moulting, and site fidelity of brant (Branta bernicla) on Bathurst and Seymour Islands in the Canadian High Arctic.
Overlap between breeding and moulting in the Great Tit Parus major and the Willow Tit P.