mountain sheep

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mountain sheep:

see bighornbighorn
or Rocky Mountain sheep,
wild sheep, Ovis canadensis, of W North America, formerly plentiful in mountains from SW Canada to N Mexico. Indiscriminate hunting, disease, and scarcity of food enormously reduced its numbers by the mid-20th cent.
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Mountain Sheep


(Ovis), a genus of artiodactyl ruminants of the Cavicornia family. The animals are up to 140 cm long, measure 65–120 cm at the shoulder, and weigh 40–200 kg. The two species are the Marco Polo sheep (O. ammon) and the bighorn sheep (O. canadensis). Both species form a large number of geographic races. (Some researchers classify the mountain sheep inhabiting the USSR into four species.)

Mountain sheep inhabit open spaces (plateaus and gentle mountain slopes) and avoid plains devoid of shelter. As a result of human economic activity and intensive hunting, the distribution of mountain sheep is confined basically to alpine regions (up to elevations of 5,500 m). Mountain sheep feed on grassy vegetation and are gregarious, polygamous animals. The mating season lasts from the end of November through December. The gestation period is about five months, with no more than two young being born. The animals reach sexual maturity in their second year and may live 12–13 years. While running they can attain a speed of up to 60 km/h. In many areas the number of mountain sheep has declined sharply, and hunting has been partially prohibited. The meat and skin are used. Mouflons have become acclimatized in the hunting reserves of Western Europe. Mountain sheep were domesticated far back in antiquity and are the progenitors of many modern breeds of domesticated sheep.


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At one point, the San Gabriel Mountain sheep population was so plentiful that the DFG captured two sheep and transplanted them in the Cobblestone Creek area of the Los Padres National Forest.
For example, the number of Marco Polo sheep has increased by 1,000, mountain sheep - by 2,000.
Brian is secretary of the Improved Welsh Mountain Sheep Society (Pedigree Section).
Follow the trail back down into the centre, not forgetting to enjoy the views, the wildlife and the sight of the hardy Welsh mountain sheep.
Visitors will also see Black Welsh Mountain sheep, Wiltshire Horns, Manx Loghtan and Ben the Portland ram.
Children's ages 3 to 7 are provided an ideal introduction to a series of baby animals that include Moose, Canadian Geese, Polar Bears, Wolves, Loons, Bison, Raccons, Cougars, Beavers, Mountain Sheep, Snowy Owls, Harp Seals, Caribou, and the Orca.
A search party of experienced mountaineers was organised - headed by Con Moriarty, who runs a mountain sheep rescue service, photographer Valerie O'Sullivan, Eileen Daly and Gene Tagney.
Some of the steeper and drier sections suffered badly when the numbers of trad-itional black-faced mountain sheep more than doubled between 1980 and 1997.
The Department of Fish and Game reports that the California deer herd has been decimated by the lions, and that mountain sheep, which had been rejuvenated at great expense to the taxpayer, have been pretty well eliminated.
In their study, the Scottish investigators grew embryo cells of Welsh mountain sheep in the laboratory.
Moose, elk, deer, grizzly and black bears, mountain sheep, and mountain goats roam widely.
The other advantage we've seen is that we can register and read EID tags for our 800 Welsh mountain sheep at Talyglannau, and do exactly the same with the Llyn flock of sheep we have on our second farm Elgar in Llandre, Bow Street, even though we have no broadband connection there.