mouse mat

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mouse mat

(U.S.: "mouse pad") A small sheet with a special surface for a rolling ball mouse to move on. Most mouse mats are sheets of rubber or foam about 20cm by 25cm and about 5mm thick with one side covered with cloth or sometimes hard plastic. Deluxe versions come combined with a wrist rest.

It is rare to find a mouse mat which does not carry some form of advertisement for some company or other. They are such a common free gift that few people actually have to buy one.

Mats are supposed to provide better traction and a clean, lint-free surface over which to move but it debatable whether they are useful at all, or whether any appropriate surface (preferably hard, even, flat, and clean) is as good. Howevever, some mice which use optical (e.g. Sun) or radio-frequency sensors (e.g. ?) to detect motion (instead of using a rolling ball) will only work on specially designed mouse mats. Critics may consider this to be part of the connector conspiracy, though the designers would claim greater reliability due to the absence of moving parts.
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To constantly remind you about the CBSO's web site, we have 20 CBSO mouse mats to give away.
Seven runners up will each win a pencil case, pencil, ruler and mouse mat.
Guns and gunmen also feature prominently on other designs which appear on clothing, mouse mats and other "souvenir" items, including the infamous "Undefeated Army" shirt.
Sadly, the gel cushion of his mouse mat gave inadequate support and this obsessive clicker got a shooting pain up his arm that required a visit to the doctor.
With judicious use of limited budgets we introduced the Quill Well Mouse Mat that reduced the friction between mouse and mouse mat and Nib click-less software that effectively made the mousing task hands free, taking all the physical strain off of the small muscles that are most prone to RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
NOW governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in Predator, the first outing of the sci-fi tale in 1987, and the three lucky readers winning a Predators prize pack of a T-shirt, mouse mat, laser pointer, Caribiner compass, cap and notebook plus a pair of tickets to see the film at Cineworld were: MR I DONNELLY of Coulby Newham, MRS D WALKER of Saltburn, and ALISON KENDALL of Hartburn.
Our first prize winner will receive a family ticket, together with a leather pouch bag, a leather travel wallet, a gift bag, a character watch, a cap and a mouse mat.
MUG & MOUSE MAT You can also have mum's front page on her own mug, priced at pounds 12.
Each of our prizes includes a T-shirt, beanie hat, mug, key ring and Computer Says No mouse mat signed by Matt Lucas and David Walliams.
SplashPad is approximately the size of a mouse mat and lets the owner of a mobile device place it on the pad to recharge it.
For all computer whizkids choose a colourful mouse mat featuring all five girls (pounds 3.
Now, just a few months later, we have a range of products that include the Quill, the Quill-Well mouse mat and click-less software for PC and Mac (imminent).

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