mouth organ

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mouth organ:

see harmonicaharmonica.
1 The simplest of the musical instruments employing free reeds, known also as the mouth organ or French harp. It was probably invented in 1829 by Friedrich Buschmann of Berlin, who called his instrument the Mundäoline.
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Talent Sandy learned to play mouth organ after contracting polio when a boy
Dad plays his mouth organ and they both enjoy a good singsong.
He tapped the mouth organ against the bench like an annoyed child.
For example, the mouth organ sent to my other half's 11-year-old son this Christmas would have been x-rayed, intercepted in the hallway, marked `Return to Sender' and fitted with a small but ruthlessly efficient explosive device.
The sounds of these instruments are enhanced by the use of accordion, strings and a damaged mouth organ, producing a somewhat unstable pitch.
From another, a mouth organ sticks up as if ready to warble a tune.
The final tableau blended the softly exotic Japanese sho mouth organ with the full orchestra.
I mean, you know what they say - "Mouth organ by name, mouth organ by nature".
KARACHI -- The Indian government has refused to extend the visas of three Chinese journalists from the Xinhua News Agency, a move that will force them to leave the country, reports ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) mouth organ newspaper - Global Times.
A pastel artwork featuring the mouth organ band which played on the march, by artists Brian Johnson, made PS320.
Some of the items; above, Caroline Hodges with a mock-up of the statue of The Spirit of Jarrow, mouth organ players on the Jarrow March, Tom Hodges with the model of William Jobling, and bottom, portrait of Jarrow Mayor and MP Sir Charles Mark Palmer
By spending PS500 in the local corner shop, she could choose from an array of gifts that included a mouth organ, a set of six glasses with gold rims, a cigarette box with a paisley pattern lid, and a gents brush and comb set.