movable partition

demountable partition, relocatable partition

demountable partitions
A nonload-bearing partition of dry construction, assembled from prefabricated components, which can be installed, removed,
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aa u "In an embodiment the passenger and cargo compartments are separated by at least a movable partition wall.
I work for Accordial Manufacturing Ltd, the UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of acoustic movable partition walls.
A vision of the apocalypse in the St Bernadette Church, where the big movable partition is threatening to fall," one blogger wrote on a website.
All of the residences will offer an extra room for added space and half of them will boast a movable partition to allow for the creation of a truly exceptional living style.
The way space will be used determines the level of isolation required of the movable partition.
In what the company says is a major advance in cold storage flexibility, Williams has launched a movable partition wall for a dual compartment coldroom, offering a 50:50 or 60:40 split for chilled/frozen food storage.
Between the opposing patches lies a region called a domain wall, which Cowburn describes as resembling a stretchy, movable partition more than a fixed wall.
The 300-cubic-foot (9-cubic-meter) Soilection(r) AirMax 2000 box has two main compartments for dry agricultural crop improvement products separated by a 50/50 or 60/40 movable partition.
I am lucky enough to be writing this article as a KTP associate, I work as a Product Development Engineer at Nusing Manufacturing, a manufacturer of acoustic movable partition walls, based in Loughborough, partnered with De Montfort University, Leicester.
Movable partition dividers made the path to class seem like a maze.
It consists of a box containing a single molecule and equipped with a movable partition that can drop down to divide the box into two halves.