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What does it mean when you dream about moving?

As a dream symbol, moving can indicate “moving up” in life or in one’s state of consciousness. It can also suggest changes in the dreamer’s life, especially if the person is moving into or out of a house.

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Some contributions were obtrusive instead of complementary, others, not least the pastel flutes, brought Bach's vision movingly to life.
Walda Blow, an Aboriginal Australian, spoke movingly of the history of her people at the hands of White Australia, 'I am not bitter,' she said.
Cervantes also writes movingly in Marcus Garvey: Black Nationalist (1931798141, $21.
The clever gimmicks littering Saburo Teshigawara's Luminous, for his company KARAS, were swept away for an extended finale that movingly contrasted the liquid yet cutting Japanese dancer-choreographer and the young, avid, and blind British dancer Stuart Jackson.
She talks movingly of children knocking on the doors of social workers who could help them if they could first extricate themselves from a paper mountain.
Laura Gowing writes movingly about the plight of pregnant women driven from one village to another as their neighbors attempted to avoid the charges of maintaining an illegitimate child born within their parish boundaries, while Ingram shows that charges of sexual abuse involved mainly girls, not boys, and focused on young children between the ages of five and nine.
Hendrickson succeeds, movingly and compellingly, in these portraits of contemporary Southerners.
Karl Stern, who wrote movingly of his conversion from Judaism to Christianity in Pillar of Fire, pointed out that, "that one simple question, whether Jesus of Nazareth was God incarnate, becomes increasingly decisive between people, as history moves forward.
Frank Duboeuf spoke movingly of his and France's feeling of solidarity with the people of New York City and the United States, and presented the New York City firefighters fire helmets from three French fire departments -- as well as a jeroboam of his Beajolais Nouveau 2001.
In between he movingly discusses his time in the Army during the Second World War, briefly discusses his time at Oxford and describes his loss of religious faith.
This is his story -- movingly, passionately, sometimes humorously told -- but without the kind of overblown rhetoric that too often characterizes comment about the Middle East.
As Desdemona, Mariella Devia sang movingly in her Willow Song, while bass Alastair Miles played the heavy father as Elmire.