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If an mtDNA defect is suspected, all of the standard molecular diagnostic tools used for analyzing nuclear DNA can be employed.
Only 1 haplotype was identified in the mtDNA D-loop sequences from the 33 conserved Taoyuan pigs.
Oxidative damage is 5-10 times higher in mtDNA than in nDNA, and mitochondria are directly exposed to endogenous ROS.
DISCUSSION--All studies to date of mtDNA of fishes resembling C.
By accumulating within mitochondria, tacrine inhibits mtDNA synthesis inducing severe mtDNA depletion, enhancing p53, Bax induction, mitochondrial permeability transition and hepatocyte necrosis and/or apoptosis in vivo (Mansouri et al.
The analytic specificity of a run was defined as the percentage of reads mapped to an mtDNA reference sequence compared to total reads generated for the sample, which, for the capture-based enrichment was approximately 20% and for the LR-PCR based was approximately 99%.
Later in Sykes's research, when it appeared that mtDNA studies could reveal maternal ancestry and perhaps even the population history of Europe, the seven (now eight) lineages were given popular names derived from the geographic regions where they appear to have originated.
The sequence of each mtDNA molecule is largely identical in most individuals.
Human mtDNA is circular and double-stranded, with 16 569 base pairs encoding only 13 polypeptides that are absolutely crucial for the OXPHOS complexes (Figure 1), in addition to 22 transfer RNAs and 2 ribosomal RNAs.
Individuals with Nelson's mtDNA were considered putative hybrids.