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Apart from the fascinating mud volcanoes, the prehistoric cave paintings in nearby Gobustan will blow your mind and are another must-see.
Important resources other than petroleum are contained in what mud volcanoes bring out of the earth.
A team of researchers, from the Laboratory of Geology in Lyon, France studied mud volcanoes in Isua, a region in southwest Greenland.
On the other hand, their zinc is isotopically similar to that from mud volcanoes of the Marianas Trench.
The American researcher has been challenged by several scientists, who say all he has found are old mud volcanoes.
He was of the view that Arabian sea has mud volcanoes which cause a cyclone in a century.
Its hydrothermal vents, enormous mud volcanoes and pools of boiling sulfur present unparalleled opportunities for research.
Mussels were collected for the first time from mud volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz (NE Atlantic Ocean) during the training through research (TTR) 16 research expedition in 2006.
During its weeklong exploration, the 150-foot submarine charted ancient shorelines, hovered above exploding mud volcanoes once thought to be extinct and gathered volumes of data, said Cmdr.
It has also seen a number of scientific breakthroughs, such as discovering a new species of mouse, knowing how mud volcanoes are created and inventing a test to diagnose prostate problems.
The Flower Garden Banks is a largely unknown area, and this expedition hopes to shed light on the details of its coral reef system, brine seeps, mud volcanoes, and ancient shorelines, as well as the interactions between the area's residents and the distinctive geology.
Having reached the top, you found a choreographed spectacle of chaos and mayhem, a blizzard of sounds and images--a camouflage tent, a series of yellow glue sticks and blue-and-white bottles of glue placed side by side like enemy armies, a television playing MTV and ESPN, mud volcanoes, bricks hanging precariously by strings from the ceiling, fruits and vegetable evoking genitalia, loaves of bread covered by weevils, football shirts dangling in the air, and sections of several local newspapers, all from the same Sunday, sliding down the wall.