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The whole proposal seems to be based on a muddle-headed notion of what English is and how it works in this country and round the globe", comments Collins Dictionaries Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Butterfield.
They demonstrate this by showing that since the late-eighteenth century most classical composers (they neglect to discuss performers)--even those considered peculiarly nationalistic in their sensibilities--were pretty muddle-headed when it came to defining what it was that made their art German.
JOSEPHINE Tewson, one of the best known comedy faces on television, swaps screen for stage next week to play a muddle-headed aristocrat in the Oscar Wilde play, A Woman of No Importance at The New Theatre, Cardiff.
That is how muddle-headed civil servants want to cut down on the number of young offenders.
Our view is that Sam was so muddle-headed he let Ernest Janney con him into committing $5,000 to buy a Burgess-Dunne aircraft and made Janney privisional head of the Canadian Aviation Corps which was forgotten within weeks.
Poe was probably not the first and certainly not the last to jeer at what he took to be another "mystic for mysticism's sake," and complaints about Emerson's obscurity have long contributed to the equation between transcendentalism and muddle-headed thinking.
His unflinching stance and his piercing eye enable him to take on all comers, including--even especially--those on the liberal and leftwing side whom he faults for being muddle-headed or opportunistic.
However admirable in their idealism and intent, dissident groups like Neues Forum and Demokratisches Aufbruch were muddle-headed, unfocused, derivative, and politically naive.
More muddle-headed and less likely to make profits are the educational theorists who tell faculty to treat students as customers.
Issues like expression, context, appropriateness and honesty are tackled in a half-hearted and muddle-headed way, and in the end we are left with the not very illuminatin conclusion that good buildings are those designed by good architects -- for example the members of the RFAC and their cronies.
Still, Coates's prescription is too muddle-headed, mostly because he fails to recognize that even good solutions to homelessness are not all created equal.
DEALING WITH muddle-headed Mutant Ninja --Communicators--