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see landslidelandslide,
rapid slipping of a mass of earth or rock from a higher elevation to a lower level under the influence of gravity and water lubrication. More specifically, rockslides are the rapid downhill movement of large masses of rock with little or no hydraulic flow, similar to
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a thin (up to 1 m thick) soil layer or drift and eluvial formation that moves (flows) down a slope under the influence of gravity as a result of saturation by meltwater, rainwater, or groundwater until it assumes a mudlike state. Mud-flows usually occur on smooth, unsodded slopes and on railroad embankments.


A flowing mass of fine-grained earth material having a high degree of fluidity during movement.


Movement of soft weak soil having the consistency of mud.
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The same neighborhood experienced flooding and mudflows from heavy rain earlier this year.
Cloudbursts followed by mudflows caused the most damage to life and property.
The biggest threat, however, is the Code river, which flows into the city of 400,000 from Mount Merapi, and could act as a conduit for deadly volcanic mudflows that form in heavy rains.
The same goes for those in danger areas like the slopes of Mount Rainier in Washington State that face the sprawling Seattle-Tacoma area: on top of past deadly mudflows from this iconic dormant volcano.
The storm came only three days after an intense downpour triggered massive mudflows in La Canada Flintridge and other communities that had been damaged in last year's Station Fire.
Officials were on alert for mudflows that may come cascading down the slopes of Mayon Volcano as a result of the typhoon's strong winds and rain as well as storm surges that may hit coastal areas, Salceda said.
Last year, heavy rains triggered mudflows that killed at least 700 people in Bicol.
Signs of life faded Monday four days after typhoon-triggered mudflows buried several villages in the main Philippine island of Luzon which the local Red Cross estimates have killed more than 1,000 villagers.
Mudflows initiated by natural processes at old, inactive volcanoes are some of the most lethal geologic phenomena and contributed to the tragic mudslide in Guinsaugon, Philippines, explains Michael F.
Customers who live in homes on hills and mountains may find this hard to believe, but agents can explain that heavy rain may cause mudflows that can damage even their homes.
Seismic data indicated volcanic mudflows were probably moving down the flanks of the mountain.
Volcanic mudflows (lahars) would be unlikely to reach Springfield, but McKenzie River floodwaters and debris could.