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(mŭg`wŭmps'), slang term in U.S. political history for the Republicans who in 1884 deserted their party nominee, James G. BlaineBlaine, James Gillespie,
1830–93, American politician, b. West Brownsville, Pa. Early Career

Blaine taught school and studied law before moving (1854) to Maine, where he became an influential newspaper editor.
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, to vote for the Democratic nominee, Grover ClevelandCleveland, Grover
(Stephen Grover Cleveland), 1837–1908, 22d (1885–89) and 24th (1893–97) President of the United States, b. Caldwell, N.J.; son of a Presbyterian clergyman.
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See L. W. Peterson, The Day of the Mugwump (1961).


Republican party members who voted independently. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 337]
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64) Geoffrey Blodgett, "The Mugwump Reputation, 1870 to the Present," Journal of American History LXVI (March 1980), p.
Concerning a family of gender-shifting vampires incestuously feeding off each other, violently fathering and mothering themselves upon each other with an obsessive desire matched only by a hairy-palmed infatuation with their own body parts, Blood of Mugwump cannibalizes our literary past (Burroughs, Faulkner, Eliot, Sade) in the act of violating any number of taboos, social and aesthetic.
In their private careers, many were self-made men or, at the very least, lacked the Brahmin old-wealth ties of their Mugwump allies.
THE MUGWUMP 37 Saddler Street, Durham, DH1 3NU, (0191) 386-1282.
At the other end of the spectrum, the mugwump, defined as "an independent in politics," was depicted by a 1930s humorist as "a bird who sits with its mug on one side of the fence and its wump on the other.
He's part Paul Ehrlich-style environmentalist, terrified about overpopulation and favoring tight immigration controls; part Club of Rome-style limits-to-growth advocate; and part Western-states mugwump, extremely suspicious of the illogical, inefficient component of politics.
Suddenly, he felt all fuzzy, having not communicated to Dr David Fleming, National Museums Liverpool mugwump, just how ideally suited these ready-made halls would have been to display publicly the hundreds of ship models condemned to indefinite storage.
He is a partner in fashion and gift store The Mugwump in Saddler Street, a former county councillor, and deputy chairman of the city's chamber of trade.
Mervyn Mugwump will present "Wizardry 101: The Magic of Books" for interested people of all ages.
the Bach Festival ensemble rehearses on the Main Stage while the Americana, country and blues outfit Thee Blair Street Mugwumps perform in the Wine Court.
Amid much fanfare, Merseyrail mugwumps last month announced a zero tolerance about feet on seats with threats of court action, with 11 people now being prosecuted.
Basin and Range, Thee Blair Street Mugwumps - Variety, 9 p.