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1. a person having one Black and one White parent
2. of a light brown colour



the offspring of a mixed marriage between a Negro and a member of the Caucasoid race. Mulattoes constitute a significant part of the population of many Latin American and some African countries, notably the Republic of South Africa.

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To make Iola Leroy acceptable to a white audience, the black heroine would have to be physically almost white, a mulatto, quadroon, or octoroon.
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He testified that the wind was strong and that he had advised the mulatto Narvaez and other Black people not to carry the image of the virgin in the procession, as she must be treated with reverence "in the hands of a priest.
In her chapter on Mary Seacole's warily constructed reputation and Wilkie Collins's racist depictions of mixed-race homoerotics and a stereotyped mulatto as "a schemer, an impostor, and a malefactor," Salih confesses that she hopes her deconstructions of evolving "concepts and categories of race" will contribute to the "withering" (c.
D and Maizey are seated across from each other in a stark interrogation room inside the Mulatto Nation Headquarters (MNHQ).
This two-headed man fuses separate persons but also segregated races in a kind of conjoined twin mulatto.
Being a Movement Child, or at least Walker's contemporary memory of it, appears to hold her back just as much as performing the Tragic Mulatto does.
Black and mulatto families often lived in the colonias (worker settlements on the plantations) alongside immigrants, particularly during the first decade after abolition, and both criminal and census records indicate that some black and brown women lived with European men.
She hears strange noises and constantly sees a young mulatto girl running around the island.
For illiterate mothers, infant death rates neared 120/1,000 for black women, 110/1,000 for mulatto and dark-skinned women, and 95/1,000 for white women.
The author also does not deny the tradition that Washington himself fathered a mulatto child.