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(1) To transmit data to multiple recipients on the network at the same time using one transmission stream to the switches, at which point data are distributed out to the end users on separate lines.

Contrast with Unicast
A "unicast" is a separate transmission stream from source to destination for each recipient. When sending large volumes of data, multicast saves considerable bandwidth over unicast.

Contrast with Broadcast
A "broadcast" is a transmission to every node reachable on the network or subnet, rather than to a specific list of nodes as in a multicast. See IP multicast, IGMP and SRM.

(2) In digital television broadcasting, to send multiple standard TV (SDTV) programs in the allotted bandwidth, rather than one high-definition TV (HDTV) program.

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Hop Count per Source-Receiver Path: This is the time averaged hop count of the paths from the source to each receiver of the multicast group and computed over the entire multicast session.
With these challenges in mind, Cisco is expanding its widely deployed MPLS VPN solution to include the following four technologies in Cisco IOS Software: Multicast VPNs, NAT and ODAP for MPLS VPNs, and VPN Select.
IP Multicast offers a third possibility, one-to-many communication.
This book provides a concise guide to current IP Multicast technology and its applications, with a focus on IP-based Television (IPTV) and Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld (DVB-H) applications--areas of tremendous commercial interest.
iiNet, TransACT, WestNet, Netspace and Internode completed NBN Co's multicast certification process in November, allowing delivery of IPTV-based services, such as Fetch TV, as multicast is progressively phased in over the NBN.
Multicast, a one-to-many transmission technique for data communications networks, is frequently used for delivering multimedia information to multiple simultaneous recipients.
With our Vidego Live Flash streaming solution, we simplify the process and address the increasing market demand for engaging, real-time live Internet video and a flawless end-to-end integrated experience," said Jason Simpson, executive vice president of business development at Multicast.
Each brings more than twenty-five years experience in software and information technology to Multicast.
It's a great distinction to be ranked among the fastest growing private companies in America," said Lou Schwartz, Chairman and CEO, Multicast.
ATLANTA, April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Multicast Media, a market leader in live event broadcasting, Internet video and multimedia communication, today announced the general availability of Multicast Transcoding.
With our unique Multicast Console and bootable Multicast Clients, System Builders can easily establish a fast, simple workflow that can cover just about any deployment situation.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Multicast, the market-leading Internet video platform company, today announced the appointment of Doug Hadaway as CFO and VP of Operations as it gears up for further expansion.

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