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, polymorphic
1. (of a substance) exhibiting polymorphism
2. (of an animal or plant) displaying or undergoing polymorphism


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In the third chapter, Campora moves more deeply into descriptions of subjective realism and multiform cinema, enumerating stylistic and narrative features that mark these films as well as some of their precursors such as Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958) and Bergman's Wild Strawberries (1957).
Consumers' experience with HMOs was used to distinguish different levels of consumer-friendliness of multiform HMOs (in this case Medicaid HMOs and private HMOs respectively).
Aurora suggests that "He speaks to us the same" at the same time that she acknowledges historical differences by suggesting that the word "signifies a multiform of death.
As the name implies, multifocal atrial tachycardia has generally been thought to originate from multiple atrial foci, but because variable conduction of impulses from a single focus cannot be excluded, the mechanistically noncommittal term multiform atrial tachycardia has been suggested (4).
This prominence strengthened Birmingham's multiform economic base and helped attract entrepreneurs and commercially-minded people from elsewhere.
On the other hand, gel filtration analysis of the native protein indicated a molecular mass of about 70 kDa suggesting that in its native form, gpMucB is most likely an oligomeric multiform protein.
If you doubt this, consider what Darwin himself said on the topic, in chapter five of The Origin of Species: "I have hitherto sometimes spoken as if the variations so common and multiform in organic beings under domestication, and in a lesser degree in those in a state of nature had been due to chance.
The essays are particularly good in illustrating the multiform nature of Muslim identity and practice of youth in Muslim communities in both the Global South and the Global North.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco and Canada enjoy multiform partnership and cooperation relations in the political, economic and cultural fields, Moroccan Prime Minister, Abbas El Fassi, said on Thursday in Rabat.
I have a Grade 4 multiform brain tumour, which presented itself in 2006.
In the multiform abundance of this decorated environment one could feel the confluence of rich visual and aural effects and aspiration to the divine that combine in the use of gold and gems in Southeast Asia.
Other pleasures emerge as Harris expounds on his directive that we attend to the multivocal and multiform temporalities inhering in the cultural forms and material objects we study.

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