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see bilingualismbilingualism,
ability to use two languages. Fluency in a second language requires skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing, although in practice some of those skills are often considerably less developed than others.
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The aim of research is to analyze those skills and competences that a person will need living in a multicultural and multilingual area of the EU, and vice versa--the importance of the characteristics of multilingualism and multiculturalism in the EU.
of Ottawa, Canada) introduces 11 international perspectives drawing on research and practice on multilingualism that explore such issues, what makes a mathematics classroom multilingual, and ways in which teachers can support students in an inclusive context.
All of the activities communicated the importance of maintaining Arabic as the national language of the UAE whilst embracing multilingualism and cultural diversity to facilitate communications amongst Dubai's multifaceted society.
The Commission's multilingualism policy has three aims: 1) to encourage language learning and promote linguistic diversity in society; 2) to promote a healthy multilingual economy, and 3) to give citizens access to European Union legislation, procedures and information in their own languages.
Commissioner Orban purports that multilingualism is necessary for Europeans' identity and for "understanding and accepting others.
He completed two Education and Science Research Council-sponsored studies of multilingualism in complementary schools, both rated "Outstanding" by the funding council.
It's a multicultural society and part of multiculturalism is multilingualism,'' said Ali Modarres, associate director of the Edmund G.
His research studies have examined the social, educational, and cognitive implications of bilingualism among linguistic minorities, within the context of Indian multilingualism.
The report is said to include recommendations for administration of the root zone files and system; allocation of domain names; IP addressing; interconnection costs; Internet stability, security and cybercrime; spam or junk-emails; data protection and privacy rights; consumer rights; intellectual property rights; meaningful participation in global policy development; capacity-building; freedom of expression; and multilingualism.
Hana Wirth-Nesher's 1990 essay "Between Mother Tongue and Native Language: Multilingualism in Henry Roth's Call It Sleep" quickly became such an essential piece of scholarship on Roth's novel that it has been included as an afterward in editions of Call It Sleep since 1992.
Department of Education, CARLA's mission is to study multilingualism and multiculturalism, develop knowledge of second language acquisition, and advance the quality of second language teaching, learning, and assessment by conducting research and action projects sharing research-based and other forms of knowledge across disciplines and education systems extending, exchanging, and applying this knowledge in the wider society.
The introduction is by David Trotter, who polemically takes to task monoglot medievalists (particularly scholars of multilingualism and literary theorists): 'The present volume shows only too clearly that medievalists cannot be permitted simply not to bother with "difficult languages", still less to remain monoglot' (p.

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