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1. Electronics US and Canadian (of a circuit) having a number of conductors in parallel
2. Maths the product of a given number or polynomial and any other one



A multiple of a natural (positive integral) number a is a natural number that is divisible by a without a remainder. Thus 156 is a multiple of 13, while 108 is not. A number n that is divisible by each of the numbers a, b, . . . ,m is called a common multiple of these numbers. Of all the common multiples of two or more numbers, one (not equal to zero) is the smallest, or least common multiple, and the others will be multiples of this number.

A number of problems in arithmetic reduce to finding the least common multiple of two or more numbers. In order to find the least common multiple of several numbers, we must first find the least common multiple of the first two numbers, then the least common multiple of that number and of the third number, and so on. If we know the greatest common divisior d of two numbers a and b, we may find their least common multiple m using the formula m =ab/d. Numbers that are multiples of 2 are called even, the other numbers being called odd.


Group of terminals arranged to make a circuit or group of circuits accessible at a number of points at any one of which connection can be made.
To connect in parallel.
(computer science)
The product of a number or quantity by an integer.
A piece of stock cut from bar for use in a forging which provides the exact length needed for a single workpiece.
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Emerson's E2 Facility Management System is an electronic control system that integrates the control of all lighting, refrigeration and HVAC equipment for a store location - and enables multiple stores to be monitored from a central location.
Domino's PulseConnect gives franchise and management users of the pizza company's point-of-sale system (Domino's Pulse) the ability to consolidate data from multiple stores and access key performance indicators on the Web.
Utilizing SoundBite's platform, the company saw traffic in multiple stores increase 10 to 15 percent within 72 hours of initiating the campaign.
Also, managers benefit from easy and timely exception reporting, a real-time view of employees approaching overtime, and an automatic method to manage employees working at multiple stores.
Networked to include multiple stores and sales channels, this simulated retail enterprise will demonstrate the integrated capabilities of the CRS Retail Suite(TM).

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